4 Things to Keep In Mind When Selecting A Profile Photo

Congratulations again on your decision to join MediSeen! We’re delighted to have you on board. Having decided to become a part of our movement that takes health care away from the strictures of a clinical setting and back to the comfort of patients’ homes, you’ll now need to develop your profile on our mobile platform so that you can appeal to the many potential patients out there.

The first thing to do in regards to your profile is taking a picture. This will be the first thing possible patients see, so it’s crucial to make a strong first impression. While taking a picture might seem like a simple process and don’t worry, it is, there are still a few things worth keeping in mind when you do. Here are 4 things to make note of to ensure you have to best profile picture possible.

Close Up

When taking a photo it’s important to get the distance right. Too far away and it seems impersonal, in too close and the picture might feel intimidating, intense, intimate, and generally unprofessional. Thus, it’s worth your time to take a picture at the right range. We recommend taking one from your shoulders up or cropping an existing photo so that it meets that criteria.


Another thing to be mindful of when taking a picture is how bright or dark it is. Darkness can obscure the image you’re trying to present, and too much light can do the same. There are two ways to get sufficient lighting, and both are perfectly sensible ways of lighting your picture.

One is using natural light, in which case we suggest taking the picture with you facing the sunlight as opposed to it being behind you (this can cast a shadow upon you). On the other hand, you can use artificial lighting. If you do this, make sure the room is well-lit and, once again, you don’t have a light directly behind you.


The third thing to be aware of when taking your profile picture is what background you’re standing/sitting against. With a profile picture, the focus has to be on you, not what’s going on behind you. As such, it’s important not to have a busy or distracting background. Keep it simple. Choose a plain background such as a blank white wall.


Finally, let a little bit of personality come across in your picture. Smile! Patients like to see a friendly face. No matter how many assurances they’re given, they’re taking a leap of faith when they decide on a health care practitioner, giving them the comfort of a smile can go a long way towards easing some of their concern.

That’s it! It’s that simple! Follow these 4 easy steps, and your profile picture should give your many potential patients a positive first impression. However, keep in mind that a good picture is just the first step in developing a strong profile, please see our other blog articles for more ways to optimize your profile!

Thank you for your belief and commitment to the future of health care in Canada. We wish you great success.

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