Announcing MediSeen’s New Partnership With BetaKit!

2018 is here, and we’re kicking the year off in a big way — with our new partnership with BetaKit!

BetaKit is a leader in national technology reporting, ensuring that Canada has a strong voice in the start-up and tech innovation world: “At BetaKit, we care about providing the what, but we’re also committed to explaining why it matters. Breaking news is important, but so is relating news to larger industry trends, and telling you why you and your company should care.”

At MediSeen, we occupy a unique space at the intersection of health and tech. With technology as our vehicle, we’re driving health care into the future. The wins are fulfilling and the challenges allow us to learn — but the future is bright. The healthtech industry is poised for major growth in 2018 and beyond. Getting that information out to the masses will be key for success. That’s why we’ve partnered with BetaKit to launch H|T: The Healthtech Times Newsletter. Every weekend, we’ll be sending out a newsletter with the latest in healthtech news from Canada and around the world. Our aim with this new project is to elevate the profile of healthtech in Canada, increase awareness of challenges in the industry, and introduce you to the companies working to make our lives better.

Subscribe now to make sure you don’t miss any of the innovation and information, and look out for H|T hitting your inbox every week!

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