Benefits of Personal Training

For many of us, January 1st signals the start of working on our New Year’s resolutions. Often, they surround the goals of healthy eating, getting more sleep, or clocking in more hours at the gym, mainly motivated from our unhealthy habits created over the holidays. While these are great goals for healthy living, more often than not these goals get lost or forgotten about after some time. Once work picks up after the holidays and we get back into our busy routines, the cold, dark winter months entice us to go home and hibernate after our commute home, and getting into the gym becomes more of a chore. If you’re nodding your head you probably know someone, or even you yourself, may be guilty of this.


It is common to add an extra piece of motivation to the mix to help you stick to your goals, a personal trainer. Personal trainers are great resources to ensure you perform exercises correctly to avoid injury, keep things interesting by mixing up your routine, and keep you motivated and help you track your progress, celebrating the small victories. One-on-one personal training gets you out of your head and helps you focused on the task at hand by having someone familiar with your capabilities and goals coaxing you every step of the way. Personal trainers can help you change your attitudes towards exercising and work with you to continue goals that are sustainable and that you’re comfortable with.


A great way to get more out of your personal trainer in the most comfortable way is having your sessions at home where you can avoid distractions from gym goers around and maintain focused on your exercises. This also mitigates the intimidation of being around avid gym goers.


Similarly, if you are an avid gym goer and feel confident picking up weights or hopping on any machine and knowing what to do, a personal trainer can help you create new routines that challenge you and push you to the next level. Continuing with the same routine keeps your muscles stagnant and not progressing much further as they are accustomed to the same routine that has become ‘the norm’. Aside from building new muscles it gives the ones you have a break, you may be even overusing those muscles. Taking that extra time with a personal trainer to learn new things may take longer, which is why having them work on these exercises in the comfort of your home may be what you need.


Whether it’s to feel confident and comfortable, sustain your resolutions, or change things up, a personal trainer will always be happy to help you achieve and maintain your goals. MediSeen’s personal trainers are ready to work with you to achieve your goals in the comfort of your home.














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