Creative Marketing Ideas For Home Healthcare

5 Creative Marketing Ideas for Home Healthcare

If you’re not working out of an office, it might seem daunting to promote your mobile care practice. But it doesn’t have to be. Fortunately, social media and community engagement are powerful ways to engage with prospective clients, drive traffic to your MediSeen profile and start booking more clients. Here are five creative marketing ideas for home healthcare to help you scale your business and earn more.

1) Develop Your Unique Brand

Everyone is different and so is their practice. In any given industry, everyone has their own unique talents and skills that work for some and not for others. Celebrate your differences and hone in on what makes your brand unique. Embody the kind of care you want to provide to your prospective clients. Some occupational therapists might be exceptionally talented at treating people with mental illness while others are predominantly focused on treating people with physical disabilities. Whatever sets you apart, own it and make this the spirit of your branding.

2) Partner With MediSeen On Blog Content

We love to amplify the practices of our health and wellness members, which is why we routinely post highlights on our blog. Partner with us and through the power of storytelling, tell our audience how you can help them live healthier and happier lives like this article from Dr. Rob Ayoup. Blog content is a fantastic way to humanize practitioners and make your prospective clients more comfortable booking an appointment with you.

3) Host a Community Workshop or Talk

Consider hosting a community workshop or talk in the areas you live and work in. This breaks down the stigma of virtual connection and brings a human face to health and wellness providers. Get to know the people in your neighbourhood by having creating discussion and dialogue. Make sure to have business cards on hand that drive prospective clients to your MediSeen profile to book an appointment.

4) Maintain a Strong Social Media Presence

Another fantastic way to drive traffic to your MediSeen profile is by maintaining a strong social media presence. Using social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, you can highlight the services you offer and the impact of your work on people’s lives. Show off what you do and make connections. The more you put yourself out there, the more opportunities there are for people to get to know you and book an appointment. Share your MediSeen profile and encourage people to book an appointment with you today.

5) Create a Business Profile

In addition to maintaining a strong social media presence, it’s also a great idea to create business pages on Google My Business. This localizes your virtual band and makes your business searchable. You can work both from personal and business profiles to promote your practice. An easily accessible business page can tell your audience important information about your services and drive traffic to your MediSeen profile, allowing you to be found in more places online.

Ready to get started with MediSeen? Book a demo with our founder, Dan, to learn more about our mobile care software. MediSeen supports a variety of home-based care providers, from physicians making house calls to Registered Dietitians ready to go through a client’s kitchen in the comfort of their home.

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