Health Care Provider Spotlight: Dr. Adrian Cohen, Chiropractor

Dr. Cohen graduated from the University of Western Ontario with an Honours B.A. in Kinesiology and subsequently completed his Doctor of Chiropractic degree from the Canadian Memorial Chiropractic College in Toronto, Ontario.  He is the consulting chiropractor to the Four Seasons Hotel in Toronto.

1. Why I became a Chiropractor

I was one of those people who wasn’t convinced about the legitimacy of chiropractics. I believed in all of the myths and rumours that I heard growing up. I just wasn’t exposed to them until I was on the track and field team at Western University and a chiropractor improved my sprinting time.

I sprinted so much faster and more explosively. That changed things for me and how I thought of chiropractors because I could see that it worked and at that point, I knew that was what I wanted to do.

I already knew I wanted to be in health care and be some kind of doctor, but I wanted to offer a drug-free approach, so this was a perfect match.

2. What I do exactly

Chiropractors can assess and diagnose any muscle, nerve, or joint condition from head-to-toe — including headaches, migraines, and concussions. We do a lot of muscle therapy, stretching, and exercises to strengthen weak muscles. We even do acupuncture and use different sorts of therapeutic tools to improve function depending on the issue.

3. Why I like my job

I love empowering people to be proactive and take control of their own health.

I work with a lot of high-performance athletes and it’s rewarding to help them fix their sports injuries so they can go back to doing what they love.

4. Why I joined MediSeen

I already do house calls and there’s definitely a need for it. This way it’s even more convenient, for me and for the patients. For some patients, especially ones with back pain — and back pain is  prevalent in our society — it’s not easy for them to come into my clinic, but they really need the care. So I’m happy to go to them.

5. My life outside of my job

I fiddle around with my guitar and piano when I find the time, and play hockey and baseball once a week.


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