Health Care Provider Spotlight: Dr. Martin Gurvey, Chiropractor

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After being intrigued by the ways people could recover from injury without the use of drugs, needles, or surgery, Dr. Gurvey began his career in chiropractic medicine. With over 30-years experience in the field, Dr. Gurvey has helped people living with all kinds of aches and pains to find some relief. Specializing in treatment for seniors, sports injuries, chronic pain, and stress management, Dr. Gurvey uses chiropractic medicine’s non-invasive hands-on techniques to help patients get and stay healthy, without excessive bending, twisting, or cracking. Back pain, sciatica, and headaches are just a few of the ailments Dr. Gurvey treats—and house calls provide great access for people looking for chiropractic care.

“House calls play a limited role in Ontario’s healthcare system but the upside for future exponential growth is huge,” said Dr. Gurvey. Citing benefits for the elderly, disabled, and people with busy workweeks or challenging commutes, Dr. Gurvey noted that the option of house calls allows him to not feel rushed as a provider, giving his patients the time and attention they deserve.

“Many working people cannot get to a doctor’s office easily during the workday and would welcome evening and weekend availability from a house call provider. The elderly and those who are house-bound often cannot get to a doctor’s office when they need to and could access fast, personalized service without the struggle and stress of leaving their home. The overcrowded roads for getting around in a major urban centre can be a deterrent for anyone trying to get to an appointment on time.  A home visit eliminates this stress,” shared Dr. Gurvey. For professionals, Dr. Gurvey also sees the benefits of working with MediSeen on a business scale, encouraging other practitioners to explore the option of diversifying their workweek by spending a portion of their time visiting people in their homes. “This is a definite win/win situation,” he added.

Fun Fact About Dr. Gurvey: “I sing bass in a 70-man barbershop harmony chorus which entertains throughout southern Ontario and recently competed in the International Barbershop Harmony Society Contest in Orlando. I also became a first-time grandfather recently, welcoming our grandson, Asher, into the world.”

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