Health care provider spotlight: Zack Atlin, Chiropodist

Zack received his Bachelor of Science with an honours in Kinesiology from the University of Waterloo. He then went on to study Podiatric Medicine at The Michener Institute where he earned his Advanced Graduate Diploma in Chiropody.

1. Why I joined the field

I suffered from an ingrown toenail. I finally saw a chiropodist and it improved so much. My day-to-day life became much more enjoyable. I always wanted to be part of health care somehow anyway, and when I saw the difference the treatment from the chiropodist made for me, and the impact it had on my quality of life, I researched the field and knew it was the career for me.

2. Why people see me

Patients usually visit me for custom-made orthotics and ingrown toenail surgeries. Orthotics help alleviate foot, knee and back pain by correcting the biomechanics of someone’s gait. The most common reason for orthotics is heel pain, but they have many other applications.

3. My favourite part of my job

My favourite part of my job is that I get to interact with people all day while helping them increase their day-to-day quality of living. I see first-hand exactly the type of impact that treating a patient’s foot can provide them, and this feeling keeps me motivated day-in and out. The variety of patients I see and the conditions I treat makes each day unique and interesting.  It’s a challenge to deal with complicated cases. Patients have sometimes been suffering for months or years without a solution, so I enjoy giving them one.

4. Why I joined MediSeen

I wanted to join MediSeen in order to expand my patient reach. I’ve been doing mobile foot care and orthotics for 2 years now, and MediSeen is a great platform for me to reach and help more patients. The idea of home and workplace visits works well in that it allows me to provide a necessary service while making it as easy and convenient as possible for the patient.  Even if they’re too busy with work and life to get to a clinic, or have mobility issues, I can still care for them.


5.What I do in my free time

I like to try new restaurants and spend time with my family. I also have a huge passion for travel and both playing and coaching hockey and basketball.

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Photo: Ben Hartley via Unsplash.


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