Healthcare pro to business pro

How MediSeen is Turning Healthcare Pros Into Business Pros With Better Remuneration, Flexibility and Autonomy

As a health and wellness practitioner, you’re amazing at what you do. We want to empower you to reap the benefits of better remuneration, flexibility and autonomy using our software. You’re already a healthcare pro and we want to help you become a business pro. With MediSeen, you can build your brand, scale your business, offer personalized patient care and increase your earnings on your own terms.


You can increase your earnings no matter your business goals. You can attract new clients to your full-time practice or do house calls outside business hours at competitive rates. With MediSeen, your topnotch treatment and care will always be compensated well. You can market to prospective patients with our fully searchable dedicated profile pages, social media campaigns and PR support, built-in reviews and testimonials. These software features will help you find new clients whether you have an office or at-home practice or want to grow your house-call business.


With MediSeen, you can choose when and where you work. Flexibility is central to our software, giving you the freedom to work part or full-time hours as you please. If you’re looking for extra patients outside of your regular practice, growing your at-home practice or want to establish a successful house call business, we can help. You can connect with new clients, set your availability and allow people to book appointments with you during business hours, in the evenings, on the weekends or on holidays. Set your travel radius close to home or further. Practice when and wherever you wish.


The beauty of partnering with MediSeen to grow your house call business is the autonomy to practice on your own terms. We provide you with all the tools you need to make decisions on how you want to provide care. Our software helps you market your services to new clients, communicate easily and efficiently with patients and confirm appointments. You have the autonomy to advertise yourself and your business however you wish and to practice as you see fit.

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