Healthcare Trends for 2019

As a health and wellness provider, it’s important to keep up with the top side hustle trends for home care. Trends are constantly changing and with each passing year, you can consider incorporating new ideas into your business or shifting gears to stay competitive in your industry. It can be challenging for people to see more than one practitioner at a time, so often it’s a great idea to offer more robust, experience-centered care to your clients. Here are three trends for 2019 that will boost your homecare and improve your side hustle.


Cannabis is a huge, booming new industry with endless opportunities for home healthcare and side hustles. Physicians can receive special training to prescribe medical cannabis to new patients. Dieticians, physical trainers, and yoga therapists can learn how to consult clients about cannabis products and teach them to integrate CBD oil and edibles into their wellness and lifestyle routines. Cannabis products are used to treat every condition, illness, and disease imaginable and equipping yourself with product knowledge is a fantastic way to make yourself a competitive provider.

The Spa Experience

A fantastic way to find new clients and grow your side hustle is to offer an immersive, holistic spa experience. The spa experience can bring multiple forms of wellness together to cultivate an otherworldly experience for your clients. If you’re a massage therapist, you could add aromatherapy into the mix and finish off the experience with a superfood smoothie. Setting the stage for the experience is also important and not any old space will do. Fresh linens and towels are important as is gentle music and candles. Don’t just sell your skills, sell an experience.

The Restorative Experience

Some people are looking for an experience that is proactive for their health and wellbeing. The restorative experience isn’t just about setting aside time to rest and relax but to actively integrate health and wellness into everyday life. If you’re a personal trainer, consider offering a well-rounded approach to health that onboards yoga, meditation, and diet into a restorative experience. This provides your existing and prospective clients with not just exercise but a new way of living that covers all the bases of health. It can be hard for the average person to get a real hang of wellness but with a practitioner like you, they’ll have everything they need to take the leap and keep coming back for more.

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