How social media helps you build your mobile practice

Social Media is an amazing tool to stay connected with friends and family, but did you know that it’s also one of the most effective tools for growing your business?

Getting your social media set up is really simple and you can even use your existing personal account to help promote your business. Here is why social media is an important tool for building your mobile practice.

It Builds Awareness

Building awareness for your services is half the battle in finding clients. While social media can be a powerful tool to connect with new potential patients, you likely have an overflowing list of friends you can tap into first.

If you’re on Facebook, you likely have acquaintances dating back to high school. Do they all know you’re a mobile care provider now? We bet not! Even by posting to just the connections you have, the chances of someone seeing the service you offer and getting in touch to connect is very high. 

It Encourages Engagement

Letting people know you provide a specific health or wellness service is one thing, but how are some ways you can get them to engage with you? Engagement means they’re much more likely to book your service and shows that you’ve provided value to them in some way or another.

If you’re using social channels like Instagram or Facebook, do a video and inform potential patients in an area of your expertise. You can also use the stories features to take polls, votes, and even give them an opportunity to ask you questions that you can answer and build value with. The more you can engage with your followers and connections, the more bookings you will get!

It Shows Authenticity

Let your true-self shine through on your social media because at the end of the day, patients return to providers they like. If you are the expert in your field, show them you’re the expert through the content you create. If you are compassionate in the care you provide, find ways to showcase that.

Being authentic and real with patients and potential patients through your social media will have them trusting you before you ever step foot in their door. It will not only build trust in the services you provide but build trust that they know they can turn to you for help whenever they need it. That kind of experience will have patients coming back time and time again.