How to Ensure a Great Patient Experience

The patient experience from booking the appointment to obtaining your help needs to be seamless in order for a patient to feel happy, relaxed and satisfied by the experience. As a health and wellness provider with MediSeen, it’s important to understand what the patient is looking for in their experience, and finding a way to deliver above and beyond their expectations.

A good patient experience means more referrals, more appointments booked, and a fantastic reputation that they won’t soon forget. Here are some easy tips on ensuring your patient has an amazing experience when you visit them for treatment.

Respect Their Space

Running a mobile care practice is different that treating patients in a clinic because now you are in their environment and not the other way around. As such, you need to treat their home, office, or location of care with as much respect as you would want them treating your clinic.

When treating a patient, take a page from being a houseguest and extend basic courtesy like taking your shoes off, asking where they’d like you to sit, and respecting their home and space. Always clean up after yourself and keep your medical tools and instruments in a clean and organized fashion. Your patient will appreciate your respect for their home and likely invite you back for more treatment in the future. 

Answer All Their Questions

Getting treatment from a provider can be a stressful experience for some patients. By making sure you’re taking time to answer all your patient’s questions, it will not only help them calm down but will build trust with them and have them see you as a subject matter expert that they respect.

Rushing a patient and now answering questions will leave a sour taste in their mouths about the experience and they will feel as though they didn’t get proper care from your visit. Before leaving your appointment, make sure to ask “Is there anything you have questions about?”. It will go a long way in making the patient feel comfortable and building trust for a long-term relationship treating them. 

Follow Up

Thanks to the easy to use chat functions in the MediSeen app, you can now follow up with patients after treatment to make sure that your assistance made an impact and that they are feeling better. 

Going above and beyond to follow up with your patients will be a huge factor in them returning to you for care. If they feel like you are invested in their well-being, they will be sure to continue treatment with you or at least suggest you to friends and family. Everyone is looking for compassionate care and now you can help deliver it!