5 Last Minute Services You Can Book With Benefits Before Year’s End

The end of the year comes quickly and with it a subtle reminder that maybe we haven’t take full advantage of our annual benefits. There’s benefit maximums to max out whether it’s seeing an optometrist for a new prescription and pair of glasses or getting a massage from a massage therapist. If you don’t use it, you lose it which is why we’re letting you know which last minute services are available for you to book before December.


Most health insurance plans include vision benefits with prescription coverage and annual maximums for glasses, sunglasses and contacts. Make the most of your sight by getting an eye exam and ensuring that your prescription is up to date. Once your prescription is fresh, treat yourself to a new pair of frames or stock up on contact lens for 2019.

Registered Massage Therapist

There’s nothing better than getting a massage and that’s why it’s the most utilized paramedical extended health benefit, It’s been a long year and you deserve an hour of therapy bringing health and wellness to soft tissues in your body. Take full advantage of your benefis and treat yourself to massage therapy designed specifically for you.


Human beings spend more time than ever before slumped over a computer or doing repetitive tasks at work. Neck and back pain aren’t uncommon and if left untreated, they can only get worse. Visit a chiropractor and max out your benefits to remedy physical pain, arthritis and limited motion in your body through spinal adjustment.


Many people with or without mental illness would benefit significantly from visiting a psychologist. When you visit a psychologist, they’re devoted to you, giving you the attention and active listening to help you move through any stress and anxiety you may be experiencing in life. Whether it’s talking through situational anxiety or implementing a long-term plan for chronic depression, a psychologist can help you achieve mental calm and stability. Regardless of where you are emotionally, consider using your benefits to see a psychologist this year.

Yoga Therapist

Like chiropractors, yoga therapists help relieve pain and tension in the body but through yogic exercises instead of spinal adjustments. Many people do not spend adequate time stretching their limbs, actions which help muscles stay strong, flexible and healthy. A yoga therapist can teach you how to maximize stretching and structure exercises into your daily routine so you feel your best every day.

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