What Are the Costs of a Massage Therapy Startup?

Are you a massage therapist looking to start a new business? It’s easier than ever to build a practice and we’re here to help you determine the costs so you can get started. Every practitioner needs a business plan that accounts for insurance, equipment, travel and advertising to successfully start their business.

Start Thinking About Your Business Plan

Your business plan needs to account for everything you need to purchase or invest money into to launch your startup. You need to include projected expenses, revenue and marketing strategy. You need to define your unique take on massage therapy and what skills and services you wish to market to your clients. Some massage therapists might create a spa-like space in their home or want to bring mobile services to the homes of others.

What Equipment Do You Need?

There are a variety of different things you may need to purchase for your massage therapy business. The most important piece of equipment is a massage table. You may need one that is easy to transfer from one residence to another. You’ll want to invest in sheets, pillows and towels so you have clean supplies for every client. Massage oils and lotions will also be necessary purchases. Candles, music and other tools for ambience may also be important. It’s a great idea to bring a business card and brochure of your services to every appointment. Depending on your needs, these prices can vary greatly.

What is the Cost of Travel?

With MediSeen, you can choose your travel radius and how many appointments you want to take on each week. With this in mind, you can determine how much it will cost to travel to each and every appointment, whether it’s by car or other means. Keep the cost of travel in mind when creating your business plan.

How Much Is Insurance?

You’ll likely want to invest in massage therapy liability insurance. The costs associated with this type of insurance can vary greatly depending on where you’re located, what certifications you have and what services you provide. Additionally, the price of coverage will depend on the insurance provider. It’s best to determine how much coverage you need and compare and contrast with providers.

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