Marketing With MediSeen

Let MediSeen Be Your Mobile Care Partner

MediSeen is a full-service mobile care practice management platform. We know that no one can market their services better than you. That’s why we’re here to help. Our software enables you to build your brand, offer personalized patient care and increase your earnings. We’re here to help you scale your business on your own terms. Let MediSeen be your healthcare operations partner .

Advertise Your Practice to Prospective Clients

MediSeen is your healthcare marketing agency and we’re here to educate you on how to advertise your practice to prospective clients. We offer fully searchable dedicated profile pages to highlight your services, education, experience, and languages spoken. All of these software features can assist you in finding new clients and patients whether you have an office or at-home practice or want to grow your home care business.

Book Clients Outside of Office Hours

Many health and wellness providers using MediSeen work a full-time week and are looking to book clients outside of these hours. Whether you’re one such practitioner, have an at-home practice or want to grow your mobile care business, our software offers the support you need. With MediSeen, you can connect with clients, set your availability and allow them to book appointments in the evenings, on weekends or holidays. Our software makes the process of booking appointments during these difficult times easier and more efficient.

Communicate Easily and Efficiently With New Patients

Some people find the process of communicating with healthcare professionals to be daunting. Calling and booking an appointment can be anxiety-inducing enough, let alone the phone tag that can follow. With MediSeen, it’s easy for prospective clients to review your profile, book an appointment and communicate with you. You can set your availability and patients can book within that window.

Practice With Greater Ease

With our software, establish your brand within your target area. Using MediSeen’s software, you can set your travel radius and availability and market your practice whenever and wherever you prefer. Make yourself known close to home, in your community and beyond. Invest in your work-life balance and set your own schedule, whether you want to work part of full-time. Our software is here to help you grow and scale your business no matter your needs.

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