How to Prepare For Your First House Call

It’s normal to feel nervous ahead of a new experience, especially when it involves a stranger in your home. We’re committed to ensuring that your first house call is safe and seamless and brings you the convenience and accessibility for health and wellness you’ve been waiting for. As you prepare, there are a few steps you can take to maximize your comfort and get your space ready for the beginning of an exciting health and wellness journey.

Browse Our Health and Wellness Providers

Compare and contrast industry leading providers by reviewing their in-depth profiles complete with bios, specialties, services, languages, education and service area information. We do a robust background check of all our health and wellness providers to ensure physicians are credentialed and non-physicians are licensed or certified in their industry. We only partner with the most credible, reliable and trustworthy providers to bring you the highest standard of care available on the market.

Book A Free Consultation

Human connection is at the core of our services. Book a free consultation and meet with a provider to ensure its the right fit. In doing so, you can screen health and wellness providers so you feel comfortable taking the next step in your journey. We want you and our providers to build trust from the beginning towards lasting health and wellness relationships that impact your life for the better.

Make Space to Feel Comfortable

Knowing where in your home or office you feel safe to meet with your provider and receive care is an important step in feeling comfortable for your first appointment. Find a cozy nook in your space for your massage or a quiet room in your office for a check-up. It’s all up to you. When your provider arrives, consider doing a walkthrough of the space and setting house rules to set the tone for your health and wellness home experience.

Feel Confident in Prioritizing Your Health

When you book your first appointment, feel confident knowing that you’re being proactive about your health and wellness. Revel in the fact that you’re taking control of the quality care you deserve. Many people skip the doctor or a massage altogether because of challenges with scheduling and wait times. By bringing a provider directly to you, you’re thinking outside the box to overcome these unnecessary obstacles and prioritize your health and wellness.

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