3 Benefit Friendly Services for Mom This Season

For busy moms, managing your family’s health and wellness can be challenging. When you or a family member fall sick, this can mean taking the day off of work to take care of yourself or someone else to make sure everyone rests and gets better. Parents only get so many personal days each year, so calling in sick can have major financial ramifications.

As your health and wellness concierge, MediSeen has all the answers when it comes to managing your busy work-life and the unpredictable nature of illness. You don’t have to sacrifice personal days to ensure your loved ones’ health needs are met. These three benefit friendly services can empower you this season to take control of your responsibilities without breaking the bank.

Family Doctor

The most important health and wellness provider to see this season is the family doctor. Get all your loved ones checked-up this autumn by having a physician come directly to you for an accessible, affordable house call. Skip the risk of taking your kids to a waiting room filled with germs and ditch the stressful commute getting there altogether. Our physicians are available outside of business hours to work with your busy schedule whether it’s the evening, weekend or holidays. Doctor are covered by both OHIP and extended health insurance.


When you’re feeding not only yourself but your family, it can be difficult to keep up with making easy, healthy dishes for everyone’s tastes. A healthy diet means a healthy body and keeps you fit to infections and viruses. Have a dietician stop by to learn more about your family’s dietary needs and get a personalized program that caters to your diverse food interests. Keep your meals healthy, simple and constantly evolving so you don’t get stuck making the same thing over and over again or choosing premade microwave dishes for convenience. Food doesn’t have to be hard and we can help you make it easy.

Registered Massage Therapist

One of the biggest downsides of catching a cold is suffering through aches and pains as your body tries to fight off infection. For a busy mom, your body needs rest and relaxation as you provide for yourself and your family. Fight back against colds and other common infections by bringing a registered massage therapist directly to you for a massage to soothe aches and pains so you can keep your body in tip top shape.


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