5 Benefit Friendly Services for the Health Guru

As your health and wellness concierge, MediSeen helps you find, book and manage appointments with our industry-leading providers. With year’s end rapidly approaching, there’s still time to take advantage of health benefit maximums. As Autumn is a busy time of year with holidays, back-to-school and changing weather, it’s important to make time for yourself. Bring these benefit friendly services providers to you and prioritize your health and wellness.


It can be challenging to keep up with maintaining a healthy diet with all the moving pieces in your life. But cooking and eating don’t have to be hard. There are tons of ways to meal plan food specific to your needs and lifestyle. Bring a dietician into the mix to help you conquer the difficulties of food prep and make cooking easier and eating better. As a health guru, you know the benefits of personalized care for your sp

Yoga Therapist

Fitness isn’t just strength and endurance. It’s also flexibility and balance. Yoga therapists can work with you to find the areas of your body that will benefit from deeper stretching so you can focus your practice. But yoga isn’t just stretching. Yoga helps you actively combat the negative effects of a busy work week filled with slouching and slumping. Plus, flexibility and balance allow you to strengthen other forms of exercise, be it weight training, cardio or sports.

Massage Therapist

Fitness enthusiasts know well the aches and pains that follow the morning after an intense workout. For those who lead an active lifestyle, massage therapy can mend muscles and keep you feeling fresh. Bring a massage therapist to your home for an hour of deep rest and relaxation and keep your body moving. There’s little better than the feeling of release after a knot is loosened or an aching muscle is soothed.


Acupuncture is a traditional Chinese medicine with amazing health benefits for the human body. Life has a tendency to throw us curve balls and it’s never fun having to sit one out because struggling with chronic pain or mental illness. Fortunately, acupuncture helps with a wide range of illnesses and can treat everything from musculoskeletal problems to insomnia, nausea, headaches, anxiety, depression. Treat yourself to an acupuncture session, fight whatever’s got you down and get moving again.


Spend ample portions of your day slumped over a computer or doing repetitive tasks? It’s not uncommon to struggle with chronic pain from the busy work week. If you don’t actively tackle neck and back pain, these conditions can only become more of an issue. Consider bringing a chiropractor to your home to help soothe aches and cramps in your body. Chiropractors can assist with arthritis, physician pain and limited motion in the body through spinal adjustment.

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