How To Share Your Story via Your MediSeen Bio Page

We at MediSeen believe that through our approach to home health care you can experience the best of both worlds as a practitioner. Providing patients the highest quality of personalized care possible and making a significant profit from this new market. Part of that process involves creating a profile and bio on our mobile platform that appeals to possible patients.

If you’re reading this, we hope you’ve already taken an ideal profile picture—if not, click here [LINK] to find out the 4 things to keep in mind when selecting a profile picture. Having done that, the next thing to do is fill out your MediSeen bio page. It is through this section that potential patients will get to know you a little better and see if you’re the right fit for them. So, it is of the utmost importance to share your story properly. Here are some tips.


In regards to your education and qualifications, there shouldn’t be much to add to your bio that isn’t redundant. After all, there is no need to repeat the information you’ve already given in the education section. Hence, if you have any certificates or highlights that are not in the education section, feel free to add them here. Otherwise, keep your bio away from education.


Although we feel that it’s important that patients get a sense of who their practitioner is in their bios, it is not meant to be a comprehensive history. Not only that, but numerous lengthy paragraphs can be daunting to read and put a patient off. With that in mind, keep it fairly brief. There’s no need for anything more than 2 paragraphs.


Despite the somewhat brief length of the bio, it’s worth getting some of your personality across in what you do write. With this being the case, consider adding any interests and hobbies you have, or perhaps favourite tv shows, books, movies, food, or even a personal philosophy you might live by. Anything that shows a more affable, personal, and engaging side of you.


Considering there is already a “languages spoken section”, you can leave any languages you speak off your bio if you’d like. However, that doesn’t mean you have to, especially if they have any special significance to you. So, feel free to highlight any languages you speak if you want to.


Last of all, don’t forget to mention your specialties. Yes, they are also on your profile page, but sharing relevant specialties or experience in your bio allows you to deliver a bit more of a story. Expanding upon your specialties is then a two-in-one—you get to highlight your competencies once more while getting to present your history.  

If you manage to stick to these 5 guidelines for your bio, it should be one that appeals to potential patients a great deal. Remember, we have plenty of quality content to get you going in your home health care journey with us, simply check out our full blog now.

As always, we thank you for your belief and commitment in the future of health care in Canada. We wish you the best of luck on your MediSeen journey.

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