10 Healthcare Providers to be Thankful for this Thursday

Your health and wellbeing is important and matters immensely. Health care providers can attend to our different needs, helping us care for everything from chronic muscle pain to morning sickness. Here are ten health care providers to be thankful for this Thursday.

1) Family Doctor

Family doctors help us and our families identify, diagnose and mitigate any illness, pain, disease or condition we’re experiencing. They’re often the first stop for health care.

2) Occupational Therapist

If you need help developing skills for everyday life based on the functions of your nervous system, an Occupational Therapist will help you get back on your feet again.

3) Registered Massage Therapist

Whether you suffer from chronic pain or are experiencing situational aches and pains, a Registered Massage Therapist can help you alleviate it all.

4) Dietician

Everyone’s body is unique and so should be their diet. A dietician can help you develop a program that fits your unique needs.

5) Yoga Therapist

Yoga brings balance and flexibility to our lives and alleviate stress in our bodies. Yoga Therapists are a go-to health and wellness provider for rest and relaxation.

6) Personal Trainer

Developing a training program for yourself can be challenging. With the help of a personal trainer, you can create a fitness regime specifically for your body and lifestyle.

7) Chiropractor

Many of us spend time slumped over a computer during our full-time work weeks. Chiropractors can address neck and back pain and help us remedy physical pain, arthritis and limited motion in our bodies.

8) Osteopath

Osteopaths are a health and wellness provider trained to treat neuro-musculoskeletal disorders and neck pain, sciatica, sports injuries and postural strains. See this physician to ease pain in your body.

9) Lactation Consultant

For new mothers, a lactation consultant can make a world of a different. This health and wellness provider can help you learn how to feed your baby and make things a bit easier.

10) Podiatrist

Our feet take us everywhere so taking care of them is important. A podiatrist helps prevent, diagnose and treat conditions related to our feet and ankles using orthotics, shockwave therapy, ultrasound therapy, laser and surgery.

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