Three Ways To Increase Your Web Presence To Get Patients

Making sure you’ve got the right exposure to patients can be make or break for your business and we want to make sure you’re armed with the best advice for growing your practice. More patients are what will keep your practice growing and your schedule full.

One of the most effective ways for you to increase the number of your patients is by increasing your exposure to them in a few crucial places. Here are three ways you can increase your web presence to give you exposure to patients!

Get Active On Social Media

Social media is more than just food photos and status updates. Nowadays, it’s where every day people go to collect their news, research new things, and connect with businesses. As a mobile practice provider, you need to start treating yourself as a small business and start gaining exposure. Social Media is an excellent place to start.

By creating social accounts on the most popular platforms like Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, and Twitter, it will help your name become ranked in search results if potential clients are looking for you on google. 

Start A Blog

No matter how long you’ve worked in your field, chances are you’ve got a ton of knowledge to share with potential patients. Take your expertise to the keyboard by starting a blog to help educate and engage people who could be looking for services like yours. Blogging about topics you are an expert in helps build trust with your potential patients and encourages them to engage with you for an appointment or virtual care consultation.

Try choosing topics that are relevant to things they could be searching like “Why Do I Need A Chiropractor” or “What Does A Social Worker Do?” to help your blogs show up in google searches. One great blog post that is educational and entertaining can help turn curious browsers into lifetime patients if you build trust with them through your blog.

Connect With Influencers

Influencer marketing is everywhere and everyone from grocery brands to high fashion are using influencers as a way to build awareness and get exposure to the masses. Now that you operate your own mobile practice, you can also benefit from the exposure of local influencers who will help grow your business with just a few clicks and a post.

Do some research and find influencers in your community who have larger followings and offer to exchange a session of your service for a post, a blog, or a video talking about it. Most influencers are comfortable doing work in exchange for a service and it can help get hundreds, if not thousands of eyes on you and the services you offer.