Who Should I See for Anxiety?

In Canada, 3 million Canadians aged 18 years or older say they have a mood or anxiety order. Living with anxiety can be extremely challenging as the disorder affects people’s professional and personal lives significantly. There are a variety of things believe can do to alleviate anxiety like regular exercise and a healthy diet. But if you’re just getting started and you’re unsure where to start, MediSeen has some suggestions for who you should see for anxiety.

Family Doctor

If anxiety is having a negative impact on your life, the first person you should see is your family doctor. A doctor can diagnose anxiety and prescribe anti-anxiety medication. It’s great to see a family doctor because they can also refer you elsewhere. Meeting with a psychiatrist or psychologist can help you get even more treatment for your anxiety. Book an appointment with a family doctor and let MediSeen bring you a physician to hit the ground running when it comes to treating anxiety.

Personal Trainer

It’s no joke that exercising is an incredible way to tackle anxiety. Exercise helps your brain release endorphins, adrenaline, serotonin, and dopamine, all of which elevate your mood and ward off anxiety. Getting to the gym can be last on the list of things to do with all the challenges of life. But a personal trainer can work with you to get started with an exercise program and fight anxiety. You can find a routine for at home or feel amazing at the gym.

Yoga Therapist

For people anxiety, it can be hard to take the edge off. You might be constantly worried or overthinking about the world around you. Bring balance and peace into your life by meeting with a yoga therapist. This health and wellness provider can help you develop a personalized treatment program based on your body and your needs. Through a combination of meditation, relaxation, and exercise, you can start feeling better today.

Occupational Therapist

Some people with anxiety can face huge obstacles maintaining a full-time job. Anxiety has negatively affected your ability to get work done, causing you to worry and think about other things. In turn, you may be forced to take time off of work or quit altogether in order to tackle anxiety. You can meet with an occupational therapist and they can help you find ways to manage your anxiety so that you can work easier or start again. Start accomplishing more by booking an appointment today.

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