Who Should I See for Chronic Migraines?

Chronic headaches getting you down? Probably. Migraines are painful, recurring headaches that can last from hours to days. The chronic headaches you’re experiencing may be the result of stress, allergies or light. The most important ways to prevent migraines include getting a full night’s rest, keeping stress levels to a minimum, staying hydrated, exercising regularly and eating healthy foods.

Family Doctor

If you suffer from migraines, your first stop for care should be your family doctor. People with chronic headaches likely don’t want to deal with the added stress of the doctor’s office. With MediSeen, you can bring a book an appointment with a physician and bring them to you for an accessible, affordable house call. Your doctor can help you figure out if you’re experiencing any triggers for migraines. A doctor can also refer you to another specialist to help you take care of your head.

Yoga Therapist

Major triggers for chronic headaches are stress, depression, and anxiety. It’s important to keep these triggers to a minimum and manage your levels of exposure. A fantastic way to fight the triggers of migraines is to practice yoga. Yoga brings a mixture of flexibility, balance, and calm into your life that will keep you feeling rested and relaxed. Have a yoga therapist come by and help you start a program to bring more restfulness into your life and help prevent migraines from occurring.

Massage Therapist

Like yoga, massage therapy is an amazing way to reduce the triggers that cause migraines from occurring. If you lead a busy work life and are constantly stressed about the week ahead, massage therapy can help you take a load off. Tackle the slouching and slumping that leads to pain and stress. See a massage therapist for a deep tissue massage and stop your triggers in their tracks. Stay on top of chronic headaches by keeping your triggers to a minimum.


For anyone who is struggling with anxiety, eating healthy can make a huge difference in your ability to recuperate and mitigate. Book an appointment with a dietician and start bringing healthy foods into your kitchen. A dietician can help you find easy-to-make food that’s amazing for your body, reducing the stress of cooking and eating. If you have a hard time preparing food due to anxiety, a dietician can help you slowly implement healthy options into your lifestyle.

Naturopathic Doctor

If you struggle with chronic headaches and want to find a more organic remedy, consider seeing a naturopathic doctor today. Naturopathic doctors use modern scientific knowledge alongside traditional forms of medicine to address disease and illness. Book an appointment with a naturopathic doctor who can provide you with botanical medicine, nutritional supplementation or refer you to an acupuncturist for help with chronic headaches.

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