Who Should I See for Eye Pain?

Eye pain can drastically impact your ability to participate in daily activities. You might be experiencing eye pain if there are changes in your vision, you’re experiencing nausea, vomiting, suddenly see halos around lights, you have swelling in or around your eyes, have trouble moving your eyes or are unable to keep them open. You might also find pus or blood coming from your eyes. If you’re experiencing any of these symptoms, it’s incredibly important to book an appointment, find out what’s causing eye pain and find a remedy today.

Family Doctor

Your first points of contact to alleviate eye pain should be a visit with your family doctor. A family doctor can do a routine check-up and check your eyes for signs and symptoms of what may be causing you pain. This is the most accessible, affordable house call of call. Book an appointment today and bring a family doctor straight to you. You likely have trouble seeing and in turn, it might be too challenging to make it to a doctor’s office. This physician can diagnose your condition, prescribe you medication or refer you to another specialist.

Yoga Therapist

Your eye pain could be the result of chronic headaches. Migraines are triggered by stress, depression, and anxiety. You’ll want to keep these triggers to a minimum and an excellent way to do so is to manage your levels of exposure. A yoga therapist can bring flexibility, balance and calm into your life through deep stretching and exercise. Build yoga into your daily routine and spend your days feeling more rested and relaxed. This will help alleviate migraines and eye pain stopping you from enjoying life to the fullest.

Naturopathic Doctor

Looking for a natural remedy for your eye pain? A naturopathic doctor can help. Using modern scientific knowledge alongside traditional forms of medicine, this health and wellness provider can address disease and illness causing your eye pain. Whether its botanical medicine, nutritional supplementation or a referral to an acupuncturist, this provider will help remedy eye pain and any other conditions you are experiencing.


You might be experiencing eye pain due to allergies to food. Allergies can leave your eyes feeling sore, red and itchy. If you have any of these symptoms, don’t rub your eyes! Instead, meet with a dietician and get to the bottom of what may be causing your eye pain. A dietician is a health professional that uses evidence and science-based suggestions to advise clients on nutrition, meal planning and management of medical conditions through specific diets. This health and wellness provider can help you find easy-to-make food that’s amazing for your body and keeps you away from allergens.


Acupuncturists can help clients with sharp, severe, constant, intermittent or distending eye pain using traditional Chinese medicine. Your acupuncturist will carry out a thorough intake to find which imbalance is causing you eye pain. This health and wellness provider takes pathogenic factors such as the stagnation of Qi, hyperactivity of the Liver-Yang, deficiency of Qi and lack of blood in the liver as factors that may be causing you eye pain. Meet with an acupuncturist today and stop eye pain dead in its tracks.

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