Who Should I See for Jaw Pain?

There are numerous reasons why you may be experiencing jaw pain, including a toothache, heart attack, a TMJ disorder, head trauma, disease or joint or dental problems. Jaw pain can negatively impact your ability to talk, chew, smile and yawn. Symptoms of jaw pain include an uncomfortable bite, trouble chewing, swelling on the side of your face, a clicking, popping or grating noise when you open and close your mouth and pain or tenderness in your jaws or surrounding areas. If you have jaw pain, here are five health and wellness providers to see today.

Family Doctor

The impacts of jaw pain on your daily life can be severe so it’s always a fantastic idea to see your family doctor right away. Your family doctor can diagnose the root cause of your pain, prescribe medication or refer you to a specialist. Things might be as simple as pain medication or as severe as you need to see an oral surgeon. Regardless, your family doctor should be your first point of contact. Book an appointment today with a family doctor and bring them directly to you for the most accessible, affordable house call of all.


It might take a while for your jaw pain to go away. In the meantime, to alleviate pain, meet with a dietician who helps you meal plan soft foods that are easy to chew and digest. You want to put a little pressure on your jaw as possible while you heal or undergo treatment. Soft food can seem boring and monotonous at first glance but a dietician can recommend different foods to keep your taste buds happy. You don’t want to put too much strain on your jaw from major chewing and biting. Let a dietician help you make healthy meal choices that won’t compound your pain.

Massage Therapist

Jaws pain can, in part, be alleviated through relaxation techniques that loosen the joint and surrounding area. A massage therapist is uniquely positioned to help you with jaw pain by A massage therapist can help remove kinks in painful muscles and provide clients with a restorative experience. This health and wellness provider can target the masseter muscle that is used primarily for chewing on each side of your face. Additionally, a massage therapist can help you learn relaxation techniques to reduce the stress that causes your jaw to tighten.


Chiropractors don’t only deal with neck, shoulder and back pain. In fact, a chiropractor can assess the root cause of your aw pain and respond with conservative treatment. Using chiropractic adjustments and Myofascial Release, this physician can help relax muscles and soft tissues surrounding the jaw. As well, a chiropractor can work with your dentist to find the best treatment for your jaw pain. Don’t let jaw pain get you down. Book an appointment with a chiropractor today.


Osteopaths are trained to address pain throughout the entire body with their broad approach. This health and wellness provider can treat movement restrictions in the jaw and improve the function of surrounding muscles. Through manual manipulation of the body allowing for joint mobility and reduced inflammation, an osteopath can help release the tension causing your jaw joint to tighten. Book an appointment with an osteopath and get a full body examination to help address jaw pain.

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