Who Should I See for Knee Pain?

There are several different reasons why you may be experiencing knee pain. You may have experienced a sudden or overuse injury or be feeling the pain of an underlying condition like arthritis. If you have a knee injury, symptoms can include not only pain but swelling and stiffness. Athletes or people who exercise frequently may find themselves experiencing knee pain from overuse. Here are five health and wellness providers you should see for knee pain.

Family Doctor

If you are experiencing symptoms such as swelling, stiffness, redness, tenderness or pain in your knee, visit a family doctor right away. This physician can diagnose what is causing your knee pain, prescribe pain medication and also refer you to another health and wellness provider. Book an appointment with a family doctor and bring them directly to you outside of office hours. This means you can see a doctor in the evenings, on the weekends or holidays for the most accessible, affordable house call there is.

Yoga Therapist

Whether your knee pain is the result of an underlying condition or an injury, a yoga therapist can help. If you’re an athlete, it’s best to stop any activity that will make your pain worse until your injury heals. If you’re suffering from arthritis, yoga can help you address this chronic pain. Through a personalized program of deep stretching and exercise, you can lengthen your body and bring your body into proper alignment.


Suffering from chronic knee pain due to an underlying condition like arthritis? A chiropractor can help. Using chiropractic manipulation and mobilization techniques, a chiropractor can address areas of the body experiencing restricted movement from pain. This combined with consistent icing of the area and limited activity can significantly alleviate knee pain.


The biggest joint in the body is the knee joint and as a result, it is an area that can experience pain due to injury or an underlying condition. A visit from an osteopath can help knee pain through manual manipulation of the body allowing for joint mobility and reduced inflammation. Book an appointment with an osteopath and get a full body examination to help address knee pain.

Massage Therapist

Whether you have a sports injury or an underlying condition causing your knee pain, a massage therapist can help. If you’re climbing stairs or picking up something, knee pain is felt deeply in many daily activities. A massage therapist will find out why you’re experiencing knee pain first and foremost through injury history, pain patterns, joint movement, and postural alignment. From there, they’ll develop a treatment program specifically for you.

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