You Asked, We Answered: Who To See for Lower Back Pain

Photo created by Freepik

Photo created by Freepik

Human beings spend more time than ever before in our history slumping and slouching. People sit through their full-time work weeks hunched over computers, which in turn can lead to chronic lower back pain. If you’ve been putting off seeing a specialist because of schedule constraints, MediSeen can bring a provider directly to you to assist with lower back pain. But if you are asking, “Who should I see for lower back pain?” here are a few providers you could try.

5 Professionals Who Can Help You Deal with Lower Back Pain:


Chiropractors are trained to assist with arthritis, physical pain and limited motion in the body. Using spinal adjustment, this health care provider can address lower back pain to combat the consequences of work weeks where you are using a computer constantly or doing repetitive tasks. It’s important to take care of lower back pain sooner than later or it can become a chronic struggle. When you book a Chiropractor appointment, this provider can directly target your pain wherever it is in the body using their specific focus on the spine and joints.

Dr. Martin Gurvey has been a practicing Chiropractor for 35 years. Today, he teaches at a college while maintaining a small practice from his home. “I’ve added MediSeen to my list and I’m really looking forward to helping people in the comfort of their own homes,” says Dr. Gurvey.


Osteopaths focus on manual re-adjustments and other physical manipulations of muscle, tissue and bones. This provider takes care of the body as a whole. If you are interested in having your lower back pain addressed alongside the rest of your body, consider booking an appointment with an Osteopath. Book an appointment with an Osteopath today and allow them to use their broad approach to address any conditions, aches or pains you are experiencing.

Family Doctor

If your lower back hurts, it could be any number of things. Book an appointment with a family doctor and get it checked out. The physician brings you the most accessible, affordable house call of all. A doctor can help diagnose what is causing your pain or give you a referral to another practitioner based on your specific needs. You can meet with a MediSeen physician by scheduling a house call. You don’t have to wait to tackle your lower back pain.

Yoga Therapist

Yoga can help you lengthen your spine to combat the effects of slouching. You can stretch and strengthen your muscles and work on bringing your lower back to its proper alignment. Yoga therapists can work to design a series of deep stretches and exercises to alleviate lower back pain. Add flexibility and balance to your life by building this practice into your routine. Keep yourself feeling strong and energized by booking an appointment with a Yoga Therapist.

Massage Therapist

When life gets busy, many people sacrifice rest and relaxation to take care of other daily responsibilities. By bringing a massage therapist to you, you can set aside some time to get the treatment you deserve. Massage therapists can release knots and soothe aching muscles, including those in the lower back. Book an appointment with a massage therapist today and let this provider bring health and wellness to the soft tissues of your body, especially those in your lower back.

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