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Who Can Use MediSeen Health?

We welcome providers in a number of categories including Registered Dietitians, Chiropractors, Naturopathic Doctors, Social Workers, and so many more!


Is MediSeen Health for full-time or part-time providers?

MediSeen Health software can be used for full time or part-time providers. We offer different packages to suit your specific needs and allow you to set your own schedule to treat as many or as few patients as you’d like per month.

How much does MediSeen Health Cost?

MediSeen Health offers different subscription plans and features to meet your needs. See our pricing options here.

How Do I Apply to MediSeen?

Unlike an agency, no interview is required. If you believe you have what it takes – passion, commitment and a go-getter attitude, we ask that you contact us to find out more here. If you are ready to get started right away, you can book a demo here and we can help choose the best subscription option for your needs.

How long does a subscription to MediSeen Health Last?

Your MediSeen Health subscription can be purchased on a month to month or an annual basis to best suit your needs. We recommend the annual program as there are significant savings to your cost of MediSeen Health. 

Do I need to be a licensed practitioner to use MediSeen Health?

Yes, all providers on the MediSeen Health software are required to provide proof of registration and professional liability insurance, as well as pass a criminal record background check before being accepted on our platform. 

What comes with my MediSeen Health subscription?

With your MediSeen Health subscription, you gain access to different features depending on your chosen plan. For all the features included in our subscription options, click here

Is MediSeen Health an agency?

No, MediSeen is not an agency. We are a digital software that enables you to build your own mobile care practice. In other words, MediSeen Health provides practice management tools for you to grow and manage your very own business, just the way you like it, with support along the way. Rather than working for us, we work for you!

Is the MediSeen Health software secure?

At MediSeen Heath, our top priority is the security and safety of your information and the information of your patients. That is why the MediSeen software is 100% safe and secure for all its users and compliant with HIPAA, PHIPA, and PIPEDA.

Can I chat with patients through the MediSeen Health App?

Yes, you can chat with patients directly through our platform. We also offer additional ways to care for your patients when you aren’t face to face with them, like our new Virtual Care tool.

How do I accept payments from patients?

MediSeen Health allows you to bill patients and keep 100% of your billings. When you sign up for your MediSeen Health account, you will set up a free payment processing solution that will allow billings to come directly to you from your patients. MediSeen Health practitioners collect more revenue and get paid out faster than they do in clinics.

Can I access MediSeen Health on my computer?

You can access your MediSeen Health profile via the web by visiting the login page.

Does MediSeen Health have an app?

Yes! The fastest and easiest way to access your profile for patient management and bookings is by using the MediSeen Health app which can be accessed via web browser here. 

How long does it take to get started?

Getting started with MediSeen Health is quick and easy. Your profile can be set up and ready to accept patients in as little as a few hours! If you are interested in getting the sign-up process started, click here.

Does MediSeen Health provide me patients?

MediSeen Health is software to manage and grow your mobile healthcare practice. At MediSeen, we don’t provide patients, but through our MediSeen Health Community, we educate and arm you with the tools and know-how from industry experts to find new patients and grow your mobile practice.

Can I book patients through MediSeen Health?

Yes! Both your mobile patient appointments as well as your virtual care appointments can be booked, managed, rescheduled and canceled all through the MediSeen Health app available on both mobile and web. 

What is Virtual Care?

Virtual Care allows you to schedule and bill patients for over the phone or video chat appointments without having to travel for patient care. This allows you to treat patients that do not need in-person treatment or just require a follow-up. Virtual Care also allows you to service outside your care radius and virtually treat patients anywhere!

How is MediSeen Health different from other mobile care software available?

MediSeen Health offers features and top-level support not offered on any other mobile practice software. Our most successful users find the most value in our Virtual Care and MediSeen Community. MediSeen Health also hosts virtual and live events monthly for practitioners to network, meet and share their learnings.

What is the MediSeen Health Community?

The MediSeen Health Community is a private Facebook community exclusive to providers who are using MediSeen. Our community is where you can network with other providers, exchange referrals, further your learnings with webinars and participate in group seminars from industry experts. Our MediSeen Health Community will be a beneficial resource in helping grow your clients and scale your mobile practice. 

Can I put my subscription on hold?

Yes, we can pause your MediSeen subscription at any time. Please contact us at support@mediseenhealth.com and we will discuss your options for pausing your service.

Can I cancel my subscription at any time?

On a monthly subscription: If for any reason you choose to cancel your MediSeen subscription, please email us at support@mediseenhealth.com and it will be canceled on the last day of your current billing cycle.

On a yearly subscription: Yearly subscriptions may not be canceled however please notify us at support@mediseenhealth.com if you wish to have your account stopped prior to your next yearly billing cycle.