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MediSeen GROW

Our program empowers you to take charge of your career, so you can do more of the work you love. 

At MediSeen, we believe anyone can be an entrepreneur. With hands-on coaching from industry experts, we give you the tools you need to help build your own mobile practice. 

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The toolkit you'll get

Marketing Skills

You were taught to be a healthcare professional, not a business person. Learn how to market your practice effectively to generate predictable revenue.

Attract new patients

We teach you how to differentiate yourself from the other healthcare professionals, build a web presence, and how to close more clients.

Retain Existing Patients

It is always cheaper to keep existing clients than getting new ones. Through our coaching program you will learn how to retain existing clients.

Join a community of doers.

See how we've helped hundreds of healthcare providers across Canada take control of their careers and increase their monthly revenue.

We've helped these practioners become successful, we 'll do the same for you. 

"I became a health care practitioner to help people achieve a healthy and functional lifestyle. To shorten the gap between busy and physically challenged patients and the therapist."

Steve Smith - Podiatrist

"I found that when someone is in a comfortable environment, like their home, they are much more open and honest and not worrying about their location, rather focusing on the issues that they want to work through."

Risa Resiman - Social Worker

"The difference with being able to go to my patients’ homes is that now there’s that added layer of opening up their pantry, opening up their refrigerator and saying, ‘Hey, this is great, this is good, let's change that,’ and it’s much more effective."

Dr. Rob Ayoup - Naturopath

"I was attracted to MediSeen because I believe in its philosophy of making it easier for patients to access services in the comfort of their home without having to deal with waiting to get an appointment."

Dr. Martin Gurvey - Chiropractor

Does this sound like you?

  • Who are you?

    We get you focused on building your brand and voice. Who are you? What do you provide? How do you provide it? Our self-paced trainings guide you in creating a captivating, persuasive brand message that builds trust with your prospects and clients.

  • Who do you serve?

    We help you identify the right clientele for you. You are not for everybody, and you need to find out who your ideal customer is. We will teach you how to tailor all of your external communication to attract and retain that right type of client.

  • Attracting the right patients

    Once you know who you serve, how do you attract them to your practice? Discover how to fill your pipeline with effective prospecting. You will learn how to attract the right client to your business that you can serve on a consistent basis. You will also be taught how to leverage your existing clients to attract new ones.

  • Build your credibility as an expert

    Healthcare providers have a unique requirement to build trust with their prospects. You are entrusted to advise on your client’s health issues. That demands that you position yourself as a knowledgeable expert. You will learn how to quickly establish credibility with your prospects..

  • How to continually close more clients

    Talking on the phone to close clients is tough when you do not have a game plan or a template. Learn how to close patients on the phone, via email, social or even text messaging. You may be nervous the first few times, but you’ll soon be closing prospects to appointments with ease.

  • And much more!

    We are constantly adding new course training and tools to support you in your healthcare practice success.


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